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Learning Team Essay

  • Submitted by: Agirl7698
  • on June 6, 2014
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There are several factors that help to make the team learning experience a success.   To begin with and from the very beginning, constant communications and discussions are extremely important for the group to assure that everyone understands the entire assignment and to determine who is going to take on what responsibilities.   There will also need to be a designated person to take the lead which does not mean that person is responsible for everything but work flows smoother if there is a person taking that lead.   Next, I think it takes full disclosure by all team members of what we feel our strengths and weakness’ are and then be open to constructive criticism if it turns out we may not be as good at some areas as other team members.     Once the process has begun, constant communication needs to continue so all team members are aware of the others progress and more importantly if one of the team members has hit a stumbling block or not sure how to proceed.
As stated by Amy Edmondson (2012), good teaming comes from recognizing interdependence, establishing trust, listening and resolving conflicts. Although it is not always possible, every effort needs to be made to equally distribute the responsibilities so as to not create any tensions or hard feelings.   There may be times when a member is willing to take on more than the others but that should normally be voluntary.   Timing is very important since there is a seven day time limit on each paper so communications needs to happen on critical time lines as far as reviews by other members, any problems encountered and submission to grammar check, plagiarism, title page and citations.   Agreement by the group is also important on the actual title of each paper.   Since the assignments are done a weekly basis, communications needs to also occur on a weekly bases of lessons learned on the previous paper on topics of grade received, participation (objectively and not destructively), and any recommendations on how to make...

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