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Level1 Essay

  • Submitted by: zulpak
  • on February 23, 2013
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Everyday English Skills Reading

Self-marked assignment Estimated time: 30 minutes

Name: Date:

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Your friend has applied for a part-time Art and Design course. You need to:     work out what she needs to do to prepare for her interview do some research to find out more about the college understand the feedback the college has given understand the leaflets your friend has been given.



What’s in an interview?
The college has sent a letter explaining the process involved in attending an interview. 1. You need to read the letter and pick out the points which explain what she needs to do to prepare for her interview. Type the four points, in order, into the blank boxes.

1 2 3 4

Portfolio of all hers work, including draft pieces.
If she could provide them with two references. It would be a good idea to visit college website.
She need ring to confirm that the interview date is suitable.

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Drummond Community College
23 Park Way, Coventry C34 9OP
Reception: 032654 458749 * Direct line: 032654 458741

Ref: DCC/23098 24 June 2009 Miss E Hudson 13 Banks Lane Binton Coventry C12 4TT Dear Miss Hudson RE: Part-time Art and Design course Thank you for your recent application. I am pleased to invite you to an interview on Thursday 26 July 2009 at 10.00am. In order to meet our interview standards, please put together a portfolio of all your work, including draft pieces, so that I can assess the level of your current skills. It would also be helpful if you could provide me with two references. This could be from a previous teacher, employer or responsible adult who has known you for over five years. This should not be a relative. Before you attend the interview, it would be a good idea to visit our college website. Here you will find lots of...

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