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Lifes Unexpected Turns Essay

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  • on June 2, 2014
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Life’s Unexpected Turns
There they were, right in front of my face, two blue lines. I was pregnant. I was 17 and pregnant. Those two blue lines flooded me with emotions. I went from scared, to happy, to sad, to disappointment, and came full circle back to scared. I walked out of the bathroom, as sneakily as I could to avoid my Mom, and I went straight to my room where my boyfriend, Mario, was waiting anxiously for the results. I just blurted it out, “I’m pregnant” I said. We both just sat on my bed in disbelief. Soon after the silence ended and Mario said, “I’m scared.” I felt the same way. Then the thought of how did this happen came to mind. I clearly knew the answer.
Mario and I were both 15 when we started dating. I remember the day I met him like it was yesterday. We were both at a high school classmate Lynette’s Halloween party, she threw one every year and it was a must to attend. He was dressed as Bill Clinton along with his friend; nicknamed Pickle’O, dressed as Monica Lewinsky. Since that had been the scandal of the year it made it much easier for me to approach him and strike up a conversation. My classic first words to him were “nice costume.”   We quickly became friends and then a few months later started dating. It was my first “serious” relationship, whatever that means when you’re 15. We were inseparable and our relationship was moving so fast. I was enjoying all the time we spent together and couldn’t believe how much we had in common, it’s like it was destiny. I had finally met my soul mate. I recall thinking often, is that even possible at 15?
Now, here we both sat in my room 2 ½ years later crying and staring at those two blue lines. It was March of my senior year in high school. I only had 4 months to go before I graduated and was considered an adult. And boy did that statement mean something more than it did 20 minutes before. I was looking forward to life after High School and now that life I had planned was over. I was just a kid, a...

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