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Lifespan Development Essay

  • Submitted by: debclifford
  • on June 3, 2014
  • Category: Psychology
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Contemporary psychology research concerns itself with many

developmental topics exploring unique human aspects of experience

and behaviour such as ‘Lifespan Development’; ‘Language and

Meaning’; and ‘The Psychology of Sex and Gender’.   Many

perspectives have risen out of researching these topics, such as the

evolutionary, humanistic, cognitive and social constructivist

perspectives to name a few.   For the purpose of this essay, evidence

from research, claims and methodological issues will be explored to

test and evaluate positive and negative aspects of the social

perspective in relation to our understanding of Lifespan Development:  

sibling and peer relationships, attachment and development in later

Life, as well as Language and Meaning:   origins, understanding, using

and creating language.

Social Constructionist’s explore how social influences shape our

development and behaviour   and suggest that individuals actively

create new meanings and understandings out of social experiences as

opposed to the cognitive perspective, which believes individuals

develop an understanding through stages and styles of development.  

One of the most influential social constructivist’s was Lev Vygotsky,

who developed a theory (often called social constructivism) of

the ‘Zone of Proximal Development’ (ZPD).   He discovered that when

children performed tasks on their own, their performance was not as

good as when they performed tasks together with a more advanced

adult.   Vygotsky found it was the process of engagement using

language that improved their skills and was central to development.   If

this is to be believed, and children can in fact develop in social

environments, then surely the use of technology to bring people

together in groups would be advantageous to learning and

development and support the social constructivist’s theory of


There is...

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