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Like Water for Choclate Essay

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  • on June 3, 2014
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Like Water for Chocolate
Tita made the right decision by choosing Pedro instead of John as her companion for life. This was the right decision for her because the bond and love they had for each other was so strong and meant to them than anything else. Mama Elena tried so hard and created so many obstacles for them and they overcame them no matter what. They sacrificed so many things in order to be together. Through all the things that they had to deal with, Tita and Pedro always found their way back to each other. It would have been pointless for Tita to marry John, when the one she truly loved eventually became available to her.
Tita’s struggle with love started at birth. For generations her family followed a tradition that states that the last daughter, which was Tita, could not get married because it’s her duty to take care of her mother until she dies. Upon hearing this Tita reveals that a young man name Pedro wanted to speak to her and Mama refused. Tita obviously didn’t agree with this absurd tradition and began to question her mother about it. In chapter I, Mama Elena says, “…for generations, not a single person in my family has ever questioned this tradition, and no daughter of mine is going to be the first to start” (Esquivel 11). The next day Pedro and his father show up unannounced to ask for Tita’s hand in marriage. Mama Elena refuses this marriage proposal, offering instead the hand of her second daughter, Rosaura.
Pedro agreeing to marry Rosaura shocks everybody especially Tita. Mama went out of her way to make things difficult for Tita and showed no type of sympathy for Tita’s feelings. Nacha, the maid, claims to have heard that Pedro confessed to his father that he only agreed to marry Rosaura in order to be closer to Tita. However, this information does not help Tita to feel better. Tita has ends up having to even make the food for a wedding that was supposed to be hers. Later, Tita Accidently runs into Pedro in the garden while picking...

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