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Literary Beginnings Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on February 27, 2014
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Literary Beginnings
An anonymous narrator attempts to convince the reader that he holds his sanity with his story, genuinely believing so, as it was justified throughout the passage, and ironically he does the exact opposite. The passage starts off at an unknown setting, where the narrator signifies many clues of psychosis as he is unable to differentiate what is real and what is not; and from this, the overall theme could possibly be reality versus illusion because the narrator may fall victim to it again. He believes his disease is the main cause of his senses and also allows him to fear from heaven and hell, which proves that his unreliability because in human nature, it is not possible. The story progresses when the narrator convinces himself that the eye of an innocent old man possessed evil and that he must get rid of it, which eventually involves murder. The narrator continues his way into killing the old man by going to the old man’s house, watching him silently during the midnight holding a dark lantern; the dark lantern signifies that this likely took place around the late eighteen hundreds, as that would be the time when they were produced.   After continuing to watch the old man for eight consecutive days, and on the last day it is assumed that he commits the murder. Within the text, it generally proves that the narrator did not get much sleep, and may have a disease. In the passage it states that the narrator went about murdering the old man with “caution” and “foresight” and his cleverness separates him from a madman, however, the narrator is weak at seeing what is wrong and right. In addition, the passage may bring about the idea of mortality, which could be another theme because the narrator could possibly have an inner battle with his mortals after committing the crime. Surprisingly, the narrator feels as if he has done something very successful and focuses on telling the reader about the excitement which was demonstrated through his language that...

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