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Loan Essay

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Managing My Student Loans
Tina Flynn-Thompson
July 1, 2013
Dana Brown

Managing My Student Loans

Preparing my tuition payback plan was an eye opening experience for me. I was aware of what each year’s tuition was calculated to be, however, I had never “done the math”. Looking at my total overall expenses for five years of schooling was astounding and frightening.

Currently being in my fifties and choosing to take on ninety seven thousand dollars in debt suddenly seems ridiculous. What was I thinking? Taking a very deep breath I started to rethink the situation and how I could go about reducing some of the overhead expenses. Right off the top of my head I know I can handle more than one class at a time. I will contact my advisor and discuss the option of taking two classes at a time.   This will eliminate the fifth year. I realize this option does not eliminate the cost but it will allow me to start working and paying back the loan sooner. Secondly, I will find a way not to have to borrow extra expense money above and beyond tuition and fees. This will reduce my loans by almost twenty five thousand dollars total.

My third idea is the most radical. I will reduce my loans by using half my savings to pay twenty five hundred dollars each year up front. After having suffered through bankruptcy last year the idea of giving my savings toward anything is very scary to me. However, this is my future, and my dream to complete my degree in English. Going to school at my age is all about believing in myself and knowing what I am capable of. It is more important to me to find a way to complete this goal so I may enjoy the rewards than it is to sit on the money in the bank. I am investing in myself and my future, both of which I feel are good investments.
Finally, when the time comes to pay back my loans I will make every effort to make double and triple payments each month to try and lower the interest fees and shorten the term of the loans.


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