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Loneliness Essay

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  • on June 1, 2014
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We did this lab to Know how to extract DNA from strawberries and to understand how DNA is found in every living and once living thing, my hypothesis was correct , since I   was able to extract   DNA from the strawberry. The straction   was made   possible by all the substance we used, crushing the strawberries physically break apart the cell walls , equally important ,   after the cell walls have been disrupted during mechanical mashing of the fruit, the detergent   disrupts the cell and nuclear membranes of each cell to release the DNA. It does this by dissolving lipids and proteins that hold the membranes together.
once the cells are lysed , their DNA and cell contents are released. DNA is very long and looks like a ladder that's been twisted. Its shape is referred to as a double helix. DNA from all living things contains the same chemicals, and only the order and amount vary.DNA is not insoluble in a fluid it does not become incorporated into the liquid , but remains visible as distinct particles , that's what happened when i added the ethanol to the strawberry   extract.
DNA extraction is important because of many reasons. With the ability to remove DNA from an organism, scientists can observe, manipulate, and classify the DNA also Scientists can identify genetic disorders or diseases from studying DNA.

Scientists can possibly find cures for these causes by manipulating or experimenting with this DNA. Scientists can accurately sort organisms into classes because of DNA uniqueness. If we didn't have DNA extraction, it would be a lot harder to decide which organisms are different from each other.
Scientists can genetically engineer some organisms to produce beneficial things. A common example is that of insulin. Scientists can genetically engineer insulin production so that people with diabetes can live longer. Every living thing have DNA   , therefore our have DNA , lastly under the microscope was able to see some the DNA strands.

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