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Lord of the Flies Report

  • Submitted by: sonyafelton
  • on February 27, 2014
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William Felton
Mrs. Trebesch
Period 4

“Lord of the Flies”
by: William Golding

“Lord of the Flies” is a story about these British boys whose plane got shot down in the middle of the war.   The boys were deserted on an island.   The characters in the book are Ralph, Jack, Simon, Piggy, Roger, Sam and Eric.   They do all sorts of things in order to survive on the island like hunt, torture and even kill animals and one another.   Ralph is chosen as leader and makes everyone start a fire to signal passing ships so that they can get rescued.   Jack later declares himself leader because he does not want Ralph as leader anymore.   So Ralph is running for his life and hides in the forest.   In the end, a British naval ship sees the fire signal and comes to the island to rescue the boys.   The boys begin to cry.
Ralph is a main character and is a twelve-year old English boy.   He is elected leader of the group of boys. He is a strong character because he tries to make some order on the island until they are rescued.   He wants them to always make sure the fire signal is always lit so that it can be seen by passing ships and they can come and rescue them.   He is a strong character because he is always trying to keep them safe and get them rescued and make sure they have food.   Jack on the other hand is opposite.   He runs wild and crazy through the forest, like a savage.
There are many themes in this story but the one I like is how the boys have to grow up fast.   They lose their innocence.   Before the plane crashed, they were just boys or children that behaved well and played with each other.   After the plane crashed they became more like bloodthirsty savages and did things like hunt and kill animals and even human beings.   They were no longer those children swimming in the lagoon, but they had now become cruel painted savages.

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