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Love as We Define It Essay

  • Submitted by: micojardin
  • on February 26, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Love as We Define It" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Joan Raakin
Christy Joy Retanal
Royet Obaob
Germaine Millan
Gelene Sabejon
Michael Joseph Jardin
  * Knowledge
Name two main characters of the story and list at least three supporting characters.

Main Characters Supporting Characters
1. Jack 1. Cal 3. Cal’s Assistant
2. Rose 2. Rose’s Mother

  * Comprehension
Describe the necklace given by Cal to Rose and explain why it is called “The heart of the ocean.”

-The necklace was a heart shaped 56 karat diamond. It was the most expensive diamond in the world and ever since the titanic sunk it was never seen again. Moreover; it was the heart of the ocean because people believe that the most expensive necklace was under Atlantic Ocean

  * Application
If you can manipulate one event of scene that happened in the movie titanic, what would it be?
-We will change the scene where Rose jumped from the life boat. She could have saved herself and never return to the ship, so that Jack can have the time to save himself without the burden of saving Rose. Nevertheless, they can still meet as they survive.

  * Analysis
Compare and Contrast the characteristics of Jack Dawson and Cal Hockley through a Venn diagram.

  * Synthesis
Create a different ending for the movie entitled Titanic.
-If we are to create a new ending, the sequence of the story will be different from the original. Rose saves herself and returns to save Jack. Thus, both of them will survive the incident and do all the things they’ve planned like riding a horse in a beach and Ice fishing.

  * Evaluation
If you are to rate how good is the movie, what rate will you give and why? Use 1-10 as Lowest to Highest.
-10, The movie was great!

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