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Lucent Case Essay

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Lucent Technology Case

They would want to know that they investing their money into are reliable and will it generate profit. Investors also would want to know have they tested their technologies to make sure it is also reliable enough to put on market. The information that I reviewed in the case showed the current assets in 2003 was 49.4 percent of lucent technologies total assets, the current assets for 2004 decreased to 48.5 percent. While reviewing the case the inventory rose from 4.0 percent in2003 to 4.8 percent in 2004. There is about a 20 percent increase in the total inventory holding. The lucent technologies asset in 2003 was 24 percent and had a drop in2004 to about 20 percent. Lucent technology has a big drop in their current liability. Investors reviewing lucent technologies balance sheet may give them doubt on investing in the company assets because they were credited. The investors would want to make sure that the company wants fail after they put money into the company.
They would want to review all the company information to see how well the company is doing year after year. The investors would want to make sure the loans the companies have are being paid on time and every month as scheduled, so they know they want get into a bind and shut down. If I was an investor I would try the company out and if I see profit then I would maybe continue my business venture with the company. Investing into a company is a risk that they are taking and the fact remains that things may not work out well. Lucent’s assets have a decline between 2003 and 2004. In 2004, the situation gets worse and it had gone down. Investors would certainly want to know about the cash and cash equivalents are decreasing, and if their assets are accelerating generating profits and making the company expand. When in decline and inventory is elevated, the carrying cost for the company will be extremely high. As an investor I would want the whole load down on the company the ups...

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