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Macintosh Essay

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macintosh was called apple computer inc for its first thirty years then droped the computer on january 9th,. i feel they did this because they started selling more than just cmputers 2007 Mac or Macintosh is a series of several lines of personal computers. It is designed, developed and marketed by apple inc. The first mac was introduced to the public on january 24, 1984. It was the first commercially successful personal computer to have a mouse and a graphical user interface rather than a command-line interface

In the 1980’s the owners of macintosh a built market share only to see it disappear in the 1980’s. As the markets for personal computers shifted towards there now today competitors p.c. Apple strengthened multiple consumer level desktop models into the 1998 Imac all in one. Which was a sales success and they saw the mac or macintosh brand revitalize.  

The first mac

The first mac macintosh 128K is the the original apple macintosh personal computer. it is a beige colored case that holds the 9 inch monitor. It comes with a keyboard and a mouse a indent in the top let you lift it up and carry. It had a selling price of 2495$ U.S but had a average selling price around 2000$ U.S when first announced. These prices in canadian are 2,619.002$ canadian and a average selling price of around 2,099.4$ canadian. This mac was first introduced by the now famous Ridley Scott on tv commercial it was best notice during the third quarter of the super bowl XVIII on january 22,1984. from the initial   release january 24, 1984 to may 3, 1984 70 000 macs where sold. After that   sales decreased.

The Imac

The Imac is made up of a range of different macs. it has evolved through four distinct forms. in its original form Imac g3 the imac was an eggshell shape. The Imac G4 had more of a sphere shape. The Imac G5 and intel imac placed every thing behind the screen creating a thicker design that tilts up and down on a simple metal base.



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