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Main Deserts Essay

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Can you survive in the Desert?
The documentary Planet Earth, by BBC was over some of the deserts in the world. Deserts are surprisingly varied, from the animals that live there to the weather. The documentary also discussed the different creatures in the deserts, and how they survive the harsh weather. Deserts cover a third of the Earth's land surface. I’ll share some of the information that I learned from the documentary in this paper.
If you think that all deserts are hot then you’re wrong, because the Gobi desert in Mongolia is the coldest desert. The wind blowing in from Siberia brings snow to the Gobi desert. In the Gobi desert the summer high is 50 degrees centigrade, and the temperature in midwinter can drop to minus 40. Not many animals can survive the extremely cold weather, but the Bactrian camels can. They are one of the rarest mammals on the planet. Their biggest problem surviving in the Gobi desert is the lack of water, considering that its either solid ice or snow. The Bactrian camels eat the snow because it’s the only source of water. Snow never melts in this cold desert, because the air is too cold and dry for it to melt. Ray’s of the sun turns the slow straight into vapor and it evaporates. Do you think you could survive in the in the cold Gobi desert.   The Gobi desert might be the coldest but it’s not the biggest. Africa's Sahara is the largest desert of all; it's the size of the United States and the biggest source of sand and dust in the entire world. Sandstorms appear without warning in the Sahara and these storms reduce visibility for days. The heaviest sand rises a few meters above the ground, but the dust can be blown 5,000 meters up into the sky. The wind blowing grains of sand is what shapes all deserts. Dromedaries, single-humped camels take these storms in their stride; Reptiles have scaly skins that protect them from the stinging grains of sand. For insects the shots of sand can be very severe, the only escape is below the surface....

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