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Making Markets Work Essay

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Environmental Sociology
Professor Worley
Making Markets Work
The first topic in the article that caught my attention was capital misallocation and after breaking down some real life example of how even the major global institutions that handle most of the world’s large capital flows have significant distortions and imperfections, I have opened my eyes to this realization and very much agree. While it is also evident that most of these capital misallocation problems are too large to tackle, we can address some of the simpler ones such as energy. At first energy may seem like it could not produce enough savings to produce a large boost in savings for certain companies, but it’s exactly the opposite.
I find it surprising that large firms make routine small purchases based on initial costs alone and that 90 percent of the transformers bought every year are bought on the basis of lowest first cost. But, still during these last two decades way too much capital was dumped into property, fossil fuels, and structured financial assets with embedded derivatives but there was not enough invested in things that are extremely more important and beneficial like renewable energy, energy efficiency, public transportation,  sustainable agriculture, ecosystem and biodiversity protection, and land and water conservation.
While on the subject of energy there is another topic that fascinated me was under the organizational failures section. Large billion dollar fabrication plants were clearly wasting money, but instead of taking a few minutes to listen to a phone call that could help save a large amount of money that would be worth it, they did not take that chance. I think that it is sad how people can be too stubborn and clueless as to what the possibilities could be, they pass up the chance for positive and worthwhile change but do not take it. Consequently, people like this and companies like this face the harsh reality later and most likely regret their decision not to take...

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