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Man Life Saver Essay

  • Submitted by: valiantregal
  • on February 28, 2014
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The hero who changed my life…….!!!
The hero who changed my life…….!!!

“the end is near I don’t have long to live” these words made no sense, but yet they haunted my mind. Its cancer my dad has cancer. The weight of this was so painful, that it was as if someone took a large nail and buried it in my heart. All that I knew was that the end is near and my world was about to change forever.

I always had a deep connection with my dad and a tight bond no one could destroy, but our time together was limited. His work often cut into my free time with him and my school and sports took the rest of his time away as a result of this we rarely saw each other. When he finally began his treatment, it was tough as the sudden changes in my dad’s appearance took a huge toll on me when we finally got to spend time together, we would watch our favorite sport cycling. It did not matter who was racing all that mattered is that we would have time together. During the illness I had to step up as the “Man’’ in my family. I was now in charge of not only doing my father’s job but also making sure my mother and little sister stay strong through this tough time. I had to do all the tough work around the house and make sure everything was running smoothly. At times I just wanted to break down. I was so worried about my dad and if he was even going to make it. But I knew I had to stay strong for the rest of my family and because my dad needed me too be strong. I was completely overwhelmed by the whole situation I was struggling to keep my grades up, and most of all keep my feelings and emotions hidden. I had eventually drawn my last straw, yet I tried hard to stay positive.
Then I realized something a swimming gala which would change my life for good. I realized that I didn’t have to keep all my emotions in. I could let all my worries and troubles out in my sports I can still remember the year 2012 grade 7 my 1st year in high school, my dad was so proud that i made it to...

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