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Management Plan/Mgt-311

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Management Plan

Management Plan
As a manager of Riordan Manufacturing I have asked three department employees to take a sequence of self-assessments in order to aid me in managing them.   The three employees were tasked with this assignment to pinpoint precise individualities and to conclude how the behaviors will affect the functioning of the company.   The self-assessment has considered topics such as job satisfaction, employee engagement, emotions, and decision making. In addition to management being successful in motivating employees, additional self-assessment recommendations have been provided.
Employees Mike Johnson, Trevor Jones, and Kris Jasper are the participants in the self-assessment.   The assessments that were taken are as follows: How Satisfied Am I With My Job? Am I Engaged? How Are You Feeling Right Now? What’s My Affect Intensity? What’s My Emotional Intelligence Score? And Am I a Deliberate Decision Maker? As the manager in charge of this assessment I was able to identify the strengths and weakness of the employees and in doing so I have developed a management plan to provide the most benefiting factors on the employees’ characteristic traits.
Mike Johnson has scored well above the means in job satisfaction, has proved to be highly engaged, maintaining positive stability of emotions, has shown to be emotionally intelligent, and has a stable outcome in decision making.   Trevor Jones has scored higher than the means in job satisfaction, proved to be realistically engaged, maintains a mediocre stability of emotions, indicates to have a fine level of emotional intelligence, and has scored low in decision making hinting that he tends to be rash.   Kris Jasper has scored below the means of job satisfaction, meets very low engagement standards, is emotionally neutral, maintains a happy medium in emotional intelligence, and maintains good stability in decision making. These are the results have been generated during this...

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