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Marketing Management Essay

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Sunderland Business School University of Sunderland MBA
~Market Segmentation; Targeting & Positioning ~

Presented by: Frankie Lim
Frankie Lim
L4 Market Segmentation; Targeting & Positioning


Last Lecture Review (PGBM 15)
• • • • • • • • Review of Marketing Information System Marketing Intelligence Criteria of Good Marketing Research Marketing Research Process Qualitative versus Quantitative Research Primary versus Secondary Research Traditional Marketing Mix (4Ps) Extended Marketing Mix (7Ps)
L4 Market Segmentation; Targeting & Positioning

Frankie Lim


Lecture Outline (PGBM 15)
1. Different levels of market segmentation 2. Different methods for a company divide a market into segments 3. Requirements for effective segmentation 4. Criteria to choose the most attractive target markets 5. Choosing & communicating an effective positioning in the market 6. Brands differentiation strategies
Frankie Lim
L4 Market Segmentation; Targeting & Positioning


Market Segmentation & Targeting

China – Attractive target market WHY?

Its huge population

Frankie Lim

L4 Market Segmentation; Targeting & Positioning


Levels of Market Segmentation
• Mass marketing:
– mass production of one product for all

• Now, consumers - stand out from crowd • Turn to micromarketing

• segments, niches, local areas or individuals (one-toone)
• Customerization – Marketing Customization
– (Mass customization)

Frankie Lim

L4 Market Segmentation; Targeting & Positioning


Levels of Market Segmentation
• Flexible market offering:
1. Naked solution – whole segment value, 2. Discretionary options – some value

• Preference segments
1. Homogeneous preferences 2. Diffused preferences 3. Clustered preferences
 Natural market segments

Frankie Lim

L4 Market Segmentation; Targeting & Positioning


Basic Market-Preference Patterns
(a) Homogeneous preferences...

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