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Marketing Plan of Ice Cream Company Baskin Robbins Target Market

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Marketing plan of ice cream Company Baskin Robbins Target market
Primary Target Market
Higher middle and higher upper income group
The primary target market of Baskin Robbins is comprised of higher middle (Rs. 150 000 to 200 000) and higher upper (Rs. 200 000 above) income professionals and families with toddlers. This market would possess a high disposable income percentage. The lifestyle of such individuals would be high value on family time spent, high focus on child-centered activities, high child centered activities and they would be individuals who associate a product with brand name, quality over price, hence having ice cream at Baskin Robbins would be aligned with their social class. Also the premium loyalty which is associated with Baskin Robbins, these individuals with a high profile status class would be subject to a strong attachment to Baskin Robbins and develop a sense of belonging, which is then in turn passed along to the children. As a result, the families are adjudged profitable high volume customers.
Secondary Target Market
Teenagers, young adults and students
The secondary segment of Baskin Robbins target market is composed of teenagers, young adults and students (School and university) within the Colombo city suburbs consisting of both genders and all ethnicities ranging from the ages of 18-24 and 25-30. These individuals would be having active social lives, and it will be an important aspect as per our research suggests that this segment of the market enjoys socializing, leisure and entertainment mainly in Colombo urban areas. While most of this demographic appear to be similar, college students would be the prime segment to focus on. Most college students whilst mostly depending on their parents also have part time jobs and usually receive an average of Rs. 25 000 monthly. Hence these students could be viewed as marginally profitable low to high volume customers with latent to premium loyalty as they would be spending most of their...

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