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Martin Luther Essay

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  • on February 19, 2014
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Martin Luther was a German theologist who became known as the leader of the Protestant Reformation in the 16th century.   He was born during the Holy Roman Empire era into a Catholic home and was baptized as an infant.   Luther attended law school to please his father but dropped out due to lack of interest.   In 1505 his was struck by lightning while horseback riding and, at that point, decided to dedicate himself to God so he became a monk.   During this time at the monestary he became distant from his Catholic upbringing and beliefs.   His superior noticed his inner conflicts and insisted he continue his education in Theology which he did.   In 1512 he was awarded his Doctorate in Theology.
Luther initiated the Protestant Reformation because of his disagreements with some of the beliefs of the Catholic Church.   He penned his arguments in the 95-Thesis in 1516 and challenged the church leaders to acknowledge their corrupt actions.   He was later excommunicated from the Catholic Church because of his Thesis.   The church at that time was practicing the unbiblical act of selling indulgences.   Luther also largely disagreed with the church’s philosophy of Baptism.   The Catholic Church taught that people are born with the right to salvation.   Through Scriptural study Luther believed that people must make a personal decision to follow Christ during their life and dedicate their faith through Baptism.
Luther stood firm on his beliefs and began preaching the Word of God as he felt it should be interpreted.   This Protestant view gained much momentum and threatened the Catholic Church.   Until that point Catholicism was the only voice of Christianity and was seen as the only unified church.   Luther’s translation of the Bible to the German language catapulted the reformation to new heights all over Europe.   Many wars broke out over the divided churches but leaders came to realize, in the 16th century, that the reformation could not be reversed.   States soon began practicing...

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