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Martin Luther Essay

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Never in my life have I heard something quite as inspiring as Dr. Martin Luther King's “I have a dream” speech. The speech was not the only inspiring attribute, but Dr. Martin Luther King himself. At the time of this speech, blacks were segregated from the whites. Nobody was equal at this time, which means that he was also treated differently from those who had white skin. That's what moves me so much about him; the fact he stood in front of 200,000 people during the time of segregation, despite the fact that he was African American, and spoke exactly what he felt and tried to help all of these people see things the way he did. That takes some serious guts, to stand in front of thousands of people who see you as “different” and believe you shouldn't even be breathing the same air as them. Not only did he stand there and give a speech, but he gave it with full confidence and persistence. He told the people that somehow this situation WOULD change. He spoke with his audience, he didn't speak at them. Disregarding their differences, he connected with just about every single person there that day.
              Now, what was this speech really all about? Equality. Nobody has ever been equal, and even to this day we are still fighting for the equality that we deserve. Dr. King knew that the world could not be a good place if this discrimination continued. How could anyone be happy living in a world like this? A world where you can't go to a certain school, just because of the color of your skin. A world where you are forced to sit in the back of the bus, forced to use a different bathroom, completely separated from anyone of a different race. No one can be happy living that way. And that's exactly what Dr. King thought. Why should we be discriminated against, just because of the way we were born? There is no logical answer to this question, because we shouldn't. It is absolutely amazing how one man, one speech, can change an entire nation. That just goes to show that...

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