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Meaning of Life Essay

  • Submitted by: wmmcallister
  • on June 2, 2014
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Below is an essay on "Meaning of Life" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

My Favorite Things
Making Money
Working at McDonalds
New Car Smell
New Shoe Smell
Blue Raspberry Lemonade Kool-Aid
Cold/Cool Fall Days
Hot Shower in the Morning
Xbox One
Finding Money in the Dryer
Cold Room with a nice warm Blanket
Christmas Dinner
Cold Watermelon
Cold Coke from McDonalds
Newsiest Technology
Cold Shower on a Hot Summer Day
Sleeping in when there is No School
Blue Ice Cream from Kings Island
Listening to Music when I’m Mad
Watching a Movie on a Rainy Day
Family Get Togethers

Meaning of Life
It’s kind of funny when you think of the meaning of life; in life people are expected to be successful. You are expected to go to high school, and then go off to college and find a good job, raise a family take care of your kids and retire. While doing all that you are also supposed to make the right decisions, don’t do things you know aren’t right, to be an angel. To me that is a bunch of bologna I just think everyone should be themselves don’t be who society wants you to be, be yourself and go out and make mistakes because you learn from them, do bad things take risk, all in all just be you.

Memorable School Moments at Tates Creek High School
    Throughout my years at TCHS a lot of things have happen both good and bad. So many friends have come and gone, but there have been lots of memorable moments with old and new friends. Some things I will never forget about TCHS is the chicken patties for lunch. They started good freshman year and as the years when on I slowly started to lose their yumminess. One thing I will miss the most is being on the TCHS Marching Band, although the band camps where not and practices seemed long it was fun it helped me in many different ways. I will miss the all day trips with friends to competitions, winning trophies, getting in trouble. It was a one memory that will always be in my memory when I graduate.
      I also remember my first pep rally in the gym, I was just a little freshman walking into a...

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