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Med Surge Essay

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  • on February 22, 2014
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Exam 1
Cardiovascular System
  * Function of the heart is to circulate blood, O2, nutrients, remove CO2 & waste
  * Pumps about 5L per minute
  * Coronary arteries perfuse the heart
  * Hemoglobin carries O2 which carries protein
  * To increase RBC production, erythropoietin is made by the kidneys & bone marrow
      * Drugs: Epoetin, Epogen or Aranesp stimulates production of RBC’s
  * Leukemia & Kidney failure have low blood counts
  * Pericardial Effusion- Fluid buildup around the heart
      * Exercise to strengthen heart
  * Right side of heart is Deoxygenated blood
Heart sounds
  * Clicks- Snap sound (must be on blood thinners because it’s an artificial mechanical valve
  * Rubs- Pericardial friction rub
  * Murmurs- Swishing/gurgling (valve not closing completely, damaged valve) Turbulent blood flow
  * S1, S2- lub/dub (normal heart sounds)
      * S1-closing of mitral & tricuspid valve
      * S2-closing of aortic & pulmonic valve
  * Gallop rhythm-
Electrical Activity
  * SA node- Pacemaker of the heart (80) (located in the RA, it initiates the electrical impulse)
  * AV node- (60)
  * Bundle of His (40)
  * Purkinje Fibers (20)
Starlings Law- The greater the stretch of the myocardium as the ventricles fill w/blood, the stronger the ventricular contraction
Preload- Ventricle filling w/blood; diastolic filling w/blood
After load- After ventricle is loaded/force of the ventricle must overcome to empty; diastolic emptying blood
- Volume varies according to body size
C.O.- The amount of blood pumped out of LV each minute to the body (HR X SV)
- Normal C.O. 4-8 L/min

Blood Pressure
  * Systole (ventricular contraction)
  * Diastole (Ventricular relaxation)
  * Pulse Pressure (Difference between systolic & diastolic)
Factors Increasing BP
  * Atherosclerosis- plaque fatty deposits formed in the arteries, causing narrowing
  * Increase volume in blood vessels (CHF)

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