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Median Essay

  • Submitted by: lilyesf21
  • on June 5, 2014
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Controversy Over the Media
   " Stay thirsty, my friend" the famous Dos Equis Beer commercial, which has the most interesting, man in the world. Many teens watch T.V. on a daily basis and alcohol images pop up on the screen regularly. As soon as I come home from school or work I turn on the T.V. and majority of the commercials are alcohol related. It makes me want to open a bottle of beer and start drinking. I believe images and messages from the media cause teens to drink at a younger age and make drinking seem not only acceptable, but also desirable. 
The media has a huge influence on young teenagers the multiple advertisements on alcoholic drinks captivates their eyes and pulls them towards drinking. Studies have shown in 2007 at John Hopkins University that, “among a group of 2,250 middle-school students in Los Angeles, those who viewed more television programs containing alcohol commercials while in the seventh grade were more likely in the eighth grade to drink beer, wine/liquor, or to drink three or more drinks on at least one occasion during the month.” A lot of the advertisements depict a beautiful young man or women drinking a harmless glass of wine at a party looking very elegant and sophisticated. Young adolescents gaze at the commercial, and soon they want to become sophisticated with a simple glass of wine leading to a whole bottle. The media illustrates the fun and exciting part about drinking and producing many known movies and commercials about drinking, but they don’t show how it can destroy someone’s life within a second.
Pete Hamil author of the “Wet Drug” proclaimed, “ For every beer commercial showing all those he-men getting ready to drink, we should show footage of destroyed teenagers, their bodies broken and bleeding, beer cans filling what’s left of the back seat. For every high fashion couple toasting each other with wine, show men and women puking on their shoes, falling over tables, sliding away into violence.” Teenagers need to...

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