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Misary Essay

  • Submitted by: RNstudent46
  • on February 19, 2014
  • Category: English
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The storie takes place in Western Colorado. In a home of a retired nurse named Annie and the story takes place in her home. Annie's home is a two story log cabin built   out in the middle of nowhere. The closest neighbor lives   miles away. The story takes place in   the middle of winter snow storms.
is about   a author named Paul Sheldon who writes a best-selling series of romance novels. And   features its most   popular character Misery Chastain. It was   1974, and he had just   finished the first drafts of all his manuscripts in Colorado at a lodge named Silver Creek. While finishing his new novel, ‘Fast Cars' he takes a drive to L.A. unaware that there is going to be a big snowstorm getting ready to hit the Western Slope of Colorado in just a few hours. While determined to drive through the storm, and loses control of his car, driving off the road, and tumbling down a steep hill and ends up unconscious.
Paul is then   rescued by a woman   from the named Annie Wilkes, an experienced nurse who lives nearby where the car wreck happened. And as Paul falls in and out of consciousness, and he then   hears a voice telling him that she's his "number one fan". Annie does   not take him   to a hospital, but instead she takes him   to her house, and settles him in to her spare bedroom. When   Paul regains consciousness, he is   completely helpless laying there, and he is unable to move any of his extremedies from his waist down. She then starts feeding   and bathing him and then she proceeds to splint both of his   his broken legs, giving him

something   for his pain. Paul starts   to like Annie;   he even starts   letting her read his new manuscript. After reading it she   doesn't like it.
It's around this time that Misery's Child, the latest and final book starring Misery Chastain, hits the shelves. Annie's life settles around the characters of the novels. Upon reading the book, and learning of her favorite character that dies MISERY, she goes into a frenzy. She proceeds to tell...

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  • Submitted by: RNstudent46
  • on February 19, 2014
  • Category: English
  • Length: 857 words
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