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Miss Essay

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  • on February 22, 2013
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Matthew Hollis
“Edward Thomas's poems were unlike those of his Georgian peers. Their tone was more tentative and more complex than most of the period's poetry; they drew no special attention to themselves, and avoided showy sonnets and epic dramas and tended to resist the various formal symmetries of the time. The cadence of speech rhythms and particularly of the "thought moments" was strange to Georgian ears. The restlessness, the convenience may have left contemporary readers unsatisfied, where today these are some of the very qualities that keep his work alive for modern readers. Thomas was a modern writer is still-modernising times, quite out of keeping with many Georgian sentiments.”
Thomas wondered what all of this might pose for England. Her asked what did it mean at a time like this to have a love for one’s country, and met a man who seemed to provide an answer. To that man wrote Thomas, “England was a where ‘one isn’t forbidden to do what one wants to do or forced to do what somebody else wants’ and that in spite of gamekeepers, for whoever met a land owner in a wood? I take this to be the foundation of patriotism.” It was significant that Thomas should invoke the symbol of the gamekeeper had represented the privatisation of nature, to him, the possession of the living ground and the animals to which gave a home, the miracle of the earth patrolled for the benefit of the few: “Pride, stupidity, servility.”  
“A happy nation luxuriates in its differences and distinctions” he wrote: the greater the differences, the greater the affection of those differences. There may be places that we find more pleasant, but there can be no word that stirs the emotion quite like that of “home.” In a line that reads peculiarly modern, he concluded, “England is a system of vast circumstances circling round the minute neighbouring points of home.”

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