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Mktweek2 Essay

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Consumer behavior is dynamic because the thinking, feelings, and actions of individual consumers, consumer groups and society change constantly. For example, a long line outside a night club is a positive factor in evaluating that club. Long lines imply that everyone wants to go there, and that club is probably very good. After you have purchased your ticket that long line is no longer a desirable factor, as you impatiently wait to get in. Furthermore, once you make it to the door, that long line ahead of you now means that the club is overly crowded, and therefore, a lot less appealing. So, for this example, categorizing activities by whether they occur prior to purchase versus during use shows how consumer responses can change significantly within a situation.
Marketing affect us all in a daily basic whether we know it or not. It plays an important role for the consumer who is purchasing. It helps create a decision for a consumer to buy or not to buy. It helps bring for clarity and product knowledge in the purchasing the right item. Some people would search everywhere to find the best deal and save money. The companies that will come out in the top are companies that know how to market and feed on the public by what is popular and current. Let’s remember one thing about these big companies; they didn’t become that big and successful by playing nice with others.
My recent purchase I made was an item on clearances at Stateline. Stateline is a discount store with a good variety of in-season, name-brand apparel, accessories, footwear, household goods, and kitchen products for the entire family. These products are normally taken from huge department stores that could not sell and given to Stateline to sell. Stateline sells these products at discounted prices for great deals. I purchased a house-warming gift for a friend; it was a set of brand new stoneware plates, bowls, and cups. The price was listed for $9.95 and the regular price is $39.99. This is why I always...

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