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Model Analysis

  • Submitted by: paulsymons
  • on June 1, 2014
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1. Two worlds separate and ready to clash.   One world with traits of the two but lacking a division.   Rebirth and awakening triggered by the arts.   These are some of the core concerns presented in David Malouf’s Fly Away Peter.   Interwoven in a story of beauty and desolation, friendship and war, they bridge the gap between thresholds and bring a deeper meaning to the text.
2. In the novella, Fly Away Peter, Malouf uses a variety of literary techniques to explore and analyse the concept of manhood, and of how differing from the accepted stereotypes can affect the subject of examination.   Through characterization of Jim and his father, and their uncomfortable relationship, Malouf examines the weight of familial expectation and social class upon the methods of being a “man”.   Malouf explores and develops readers’ awareness of Ashley Crowther to enrich their breadth of knowledge as to the contentment gained through challenging the social stereotype and also as to how maintenance of social dictates can bear heavily upon people.   Malouf also examines how crossing the threshold of war can alter manhood, and can deepen the values attached to identity.
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In the first meeting of Ashley Crowther, the way in which he “stumbles” not only “over words but over his own boots” and “stoops” under the weight of his watch-chain immediately suggests that this man is not a typical poised, eloquent (?) English gentleman.   “Stumbled” gives him a sense of endearing clumsiness that evokes a degree of affectionate sympathy for him; he has been bestowed with power and authority which bends his back and weighs him down physically, and by implication, mentally.   This suggests that “that sort of power” inhibits the ability to “move” freely and does not necessarily amount to a life of comfort or ease.   The imagery used demonstrates the great responsibility that accompanies power.   Another example of this can be found in the young officer who “couldn’t be more that twelve...

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