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Money Language Essay

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According to an article by M. Masnick in 2013 only 6% of the artists’ revenue come from music sales. Therefore, by having their music available through file sharing, most artists feel this is a way of FREE advertisement. Most of these artists’ revenue come via touring, shows, and live performances which file sharing has no negative impact on. However, by having their music on file sharing websites it can expand the artists’ audiences or popularity causing a greater increase in show and touring sales
NBCUnivesal used many of its subsidiares to promote and generate as large of an audience as possible when it came to Million Second Quiz. For example NBC’s local news affolicates when door-to-door suprising viewiers and inviting them to play on the show. They also incorporated tie-ins into ads for Universal’s film, Kick-Ass 2. Lastly, they also had Ryan Seacrest promote it on his show.  
Accorind to Stelter, B. (2013, May 12). “As TV ratings and profits fall, networks face a cliffhanger.” Netflix, Amazon, and cable increasingly draw viewers away from network TV. new technologies are making it easier for consumers to skip ads. advertisers are increasingly moving their ad spending to cable channels.
-Wikipedia:: Baker, S. (2008, December 28). “Will work for praise: The Web’s free labor economy.” getting praise for their work by peers. getting satisfaction from helping out other people. getting thrills from "winning". Example website ThisNext Laura Sweet she thinks that she might be able to translate her success and visibility at ThisNext into opportunities on blogs, books, television, or other job possibilities.

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