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Mongols Dbq Essay

  • Submitted by: prv800
  • on February 26, 2014
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While there were negative effects of the Mongols on Eurasia, such as destruction, disease, and fear, there were also many positive effects, such as increased trade, better government organization, and religious tolerance. While each of the areas discussed (China, Europe, and the Middle East) dealt with negative effects, like disease and destruction, each of them also benefitted in some way from Mongol rule through increased organization, religious tolerance, and better trade.

Documents 3, 5, 6, and 8 are all evidence of positive Mongol effects on Eurasia through increased trade, better government organization, and religious tolerance. Document 3 shows a positive effect of the Mongols on Europe and China. The author, a Christian missionary, is able to safely travel from Europe to China and, once there, is allowed to spread his message about the Christian faith. This document may not be reliable because it was written 16 years after the events that it describes. These events may not be remembered accurately by the author. Historically, the Mongols were well known for assimilating into and accepting many different cultures and religions, like Buddhism in China and Islam in the Middle East. A document that would help better establish religious tolerance of the Mongols would be an official report to the caliph by a Muslim missionary traveling at the same time in the same place as the author of document 3. This would help establish that there was indeed religious tolerance toward religions other than Christianity

Para 3 : similar for 3 other docs
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Para 5: While China saw many negative effects, like death through both warfare and disease, while the Mongols were in control, they also undeniably benefitted from Mongol rule through better trade products and religious tolerance. The Middle East dealt with negative effects through brutality and destruction, while also benefitting from improved trade. Finally, Europe faced destruction,...

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