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Multiple Intelligences Essay

  • Submitted by: anonymous
  • on February 18, 2014
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Sarah Schreiber

The use of logic in Gardner’s The Theory of Multiple Intelligences is used to display the message in both of the texts and also explain those messages in a meaningful way to the reader. Logic is extremely important in both of these texts because without it the meaning would be lost and indecipherable. As Gardner and conveys his meanings through simple and extensive logic, his text becomes more than words on paper, and portray the meaning of how logic can be used, why it should be used and is used, and how it affects the author’s credibility.
Logic is used in nearly every written text, whether a poem or a large novel. It shapes our understanding of what the author is trying to illustrate through words, and helps us not only understand the meaning, but also realize the importance behind it. In Gardner’s The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, Gardner uses many examples to help display his point in a very obvious way. He uses these examples to help reason the point at hand, making it clear that his ideas, his theory, are valid and real. However, if he had just used examples and no further explanation of why he is using it, the logic behind it is not applied and therefore has no effect on the reader, other than having learned an interesting fact. Some people would perhaps attempt to understand the meaning behind the reason the story was retold, but most will not realize the subtle attempt of releasing a possible concept. It isn’t just the fact that Gardner uses a large amount of logic in his article, but also how he uses it that lets the reader understand not only what he is explaining, but why. The logic allows the reader to see what Gardner means through his point of view. If logic is portrayed in such a way, it allows the reader to gain a new way of thinking and viewing certain things, which helps attain credibility for the author. The thing about logic is that it doesn’t only use fact, but opinion. Many people believe that opinion shouldn’t be...

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