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Music Essay

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  • on June 2, 2014
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Syllabus for

MUSC1101   Music Appreciation
Detailed Course Information

Instructor Information

Course Description

    This course explores the formal elements of musical composition, musical form and style, and the relationship of music to historical periods.   The course includes listening and analysis of well known works of music.   This course encourages student interest in musical arts beyond the classroom.   The student is also given the opportunity to attend a live musical performance of their choice to critique in a formal 2-3 page paper.

Course Competencies

After completing this course, the student will be able to:

1.   Explore and experience the musical world.
2.   Comprehend and use the vocabulary of music.
3.   Compare and contrast musical compositions.
4.   Recognize musical form and style.
5.   Recognize how compositional elements have been used in works of music.
6.   Identify the formal elements and principles of musical composition
7.   Identify primary instrumentation and voicing by sight and sound
8.   Discuss music in historical and cultural context.
9.   Recognize major works of music by major composers in musical history.

Required Materials

“OnMusic Appreciation” Third Edition,   Access card   only.   The DVD is only for students that do not have high speed internet connections. ---ISBN 978-0-9677747-8-7


Instructor guidelines and policies

Emails will be answered within 24 hours after the   instructor receives them.   Always check Angel homepage for further announcements from instructor.    

Assignments:   5 written assignments
Create Your Own Examples of Music - due by 9-11 at midnight
  Listening Exercise -   due by   9-11 at midnight
Musical Analysis-   due by   9-11at midnight
Research Your Favorite Instrument on the Web - due by 10-30   at midnight
Concert Attendance Report -   due by   12-18   at midnight   --This is a concert...

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