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My Side of the Mountain Essay

  • Submitted by: kingfish7777
  • on February 19, 2014
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In the book, “My Side of the Mountain”, written by Jean Craighead George, a boy runs away from home because he wants to get away from New York City.   The book is Sam Gribley’s journal of his adventures in the mountains.   He lives off the land for over a year and is reunited with his family in the end.
This adventure takes place in the Catskill Mountains in the state of New York.   While living in the mountains he visits his grandfather’s farm and then returns to the mountains to live.   With only some flint, steel, and forty dollars he lives off the land by hunting fish, muscles, deer, and rabbit.   He lives in a burrow that he dug beneath a large tree.   He never visits the city or meets with people unless they find him in the woods.   The only time he visits the city is to go to the library to read books on survival and foods that he can eat while in the mountains.
It had been a year since he left home and he really missed his family, but he did not want to go back just yet.   His only friends in the woods are a falcon named Frightful and Bando, a teacher that sometimes visits Sam in the summer.
In the end Sam’s father finds him in the woods.   Sam said that he was not ready to go home yet and his father said he could stay for a few more months.   One month later his family came back and got him. They stayed in the Catskill Mountains to live.
This story of survival taught me that kids could live in the wild, but it would be tough. I liked the book because it taught me some survival tips. I would recommend this book to kids who like adventures.

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