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Mythology Essay

  • Submitted by: Missyseastar
  • on February 21, 2013
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Understand development of human societies- Frazier
Psychological approach -
1856-1939 - Sigmund Freud- how individual, humans develops
Infancy- childhood trauma, repress memories, sexual desires, expressed unconsciously through dreams, interpretation of dreams to understand our own lives. Condensation And displacement- one thing can stand for another thing in a dream
Also works in unlocking techniques in myths. For Freud dreams are private myths
Psyche- mind, soul, spirit, self ( the mind functioning as the center of thought, emotion or behavior)( also psyco- blow to breath) spirare- to breathe
Logos-word speech reason
Apuleius - 2nd century Ad 150 ad - the golden ass
Psyche youngest daughter of king of Anetolia(turkey). Of three daughters and was the most beautiful and many said she was more beautiful then venus(Aphrodite). Venus call her son Cupid/ Eros   and tells him to take one of his rusty arrows and shoot her with it so she falls in love with the worst man in the world. Cupid instead falls in love with her a d her beauty and shoots the arrow into the sea and Venus is upset. Psyche remains single and Venus wants to ensure no one falls for her. Plague falls upon land and nothing grows and the king consults an oracle of Apollo- oracle says to dress psyche up as a bride take her to a mountain give her funeral rights and wed her to serpent/dragon. Psyche falls asleep on mountain and Cupid comes and takes her away to his palace where she lives. Venus finds out and is very upset but states she can never know who he is. Cupid only comes at night and psyche is bored and misses her sisters. Cupid is against it but agrees but you can't know who I am. The sisters come and tell her she needs to find out who he is. But she is pregnant and the child will be divine. Her sisters come again and she tells them about her divine child. They come back again and push her to find out who he was since he might be a dragon for her own safety. Psyche lights an oil...

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