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Natural Disaster Essay

  • Submitted by: writingVI
  • on February 20, 2014
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Glenda Cortez
Feb 17,2014
Reading VI
The Working Memory
In this presentation Peter Doolittle explains us the way to improve our working memory.   He describes the working memory as the part of the brain that allows us to make sense of what is happening right now. The speaker mentions that the working memory has four components. First, it allows us to store immediate experiences in a lot of bit knowledge. Second, it let us to reach back in to an impulsive in what we need. Third, mixed and processed in like what ever are our current goals is it. Lastly, the capacity of the working memory is the ability to take what we know until satisfy our understanding; furthermore, it is associate with a lot of positive effects as high level writing ability for example. During working memory presentation Peter explained some technics about process to bring out ideas or memories from the past situations or ideas when we need it. By the end of the performer, Peter emphasizes the follow message “What we process is what we learn.”
Working memory brings us the opportunity to link ideas in our brain from the past memories and allows us to make sense of specific situation just now. In fact, I plenty agree with the speaker when he said, “memory never stop, it is always working.” Peter Doolittle gave us a humoristic and funny examples that how our memory is working in each situation of daily life. He tasted the audience’s memory, and everybody realize that memory is limited by duration and focus. I learned from this video how to take the flow of experiences and extract the meaning. This information was helpful to use my working memory to process new things.
According with the video and chapter two reading and learning from the textbook, both are sharing important strategies to improve the memory and it is significance to retain new information easily. Some steps are look are the picture or associate new information with imagines. Also looks for ideas, scan and of course...

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