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Netw420 Week 4 Lab Report

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DeVry University


Alexander Davis

Jun 1, 2014

This week’s assignment is to describe various event categories and event based transactions that are used by the Network Management System.   It would be impossible to categorize all potential causes for alarms in all existing network systems however, understanding some common alerts and categories is essential for any network manager.
Many Network Management Systems have a log and event manager that collects data and logs event data from all of the devices on the network and performs real-time correlation.   When an event is initiated an agent initiates an interaction by creating an object describing an event. Event messages from the various distributed components are processed based on a predefined policy.   Most event alerts can be categorized as an informational alert, a warning alert or a critical alert.
An Informational alerts are simply informal messages from different components that are integrated into the EMS LOG. Alerts are delivered to the EMS using Syslog daemon protocol or SNMP traps.   The EMS accepts alerts from any kind of monitoring tool or application as long as a predefined protocol is followed.   Network managers can define and implement notification policies based upon the criticality of a device or system within Alert Center.   EMS logs can also be used as a diagnostic tool when problems occur.
Warning alerts represent items that require attention. When the EMS receives warning messages, they are logged like informational messages and a trouble ticket is created.     Trouble ticket system can provide information on the number of alerts received and the speed with which these alerts are addressed.
Critical alerts represent items that require immediate attention. Critical events are also known as "actionable" events. While informational and warning alerts scroll off the EMS with no need for the operator to watch them, critical alerts posted to the held area are fixed...

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