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New Word Essay

  • Submitted by: phuongtran1994
  • on February 28, 2014
  • Category: English
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Turn him on : để thuyết phục, thu phục quyến rũ
you think you can dissect me with this blunt little tool

You look like a rube ( bumpkin ): someone who is from the countryside abd considered to be stupid

It exites him : nó làm anh ta hung phấn

For the sake of something: vì lợi ích của
Knowing little about the: chả biết cái j về
Little by little: dần dần

When I was a child worksheets in museums were relatively new, a valiant effort to reach out to younger visitors

Museums, galleries, heritage sites, archives, historic houses, science centres, archaeological sites

They're places where the extraordinary jostles for space with the everyday

They hold evidence of craftsmanship, ingenuity, creativity and imagination, alongside that of cruelty, horror and inhumanity

There's no arguing with the impact upon learners of high-quality, meaningful engagement with cultural collections and knowledgeable

learning in different settings

We all learn best from a range of people, working in different ways with interesting stimuli.

Key skills are honed and developed, teachers are supported and inspired, imaginations and ideas are sparked.

at the heart of the educational experience

even if "artsy" arguments are set aside, has the financial imperative to maximise the value of public investment in culture not yet come into play

Countless artworks, natural specimens, artefacts

Millions of objects are digitised and available online

There is no other public service as perfectly suited to be a part of young people's educational experience.

We need to embed cultural learning deep into curriculum delivery and across the whole school experience. We need cost-effective, scalable models that empower teachers and value learners as content creators.

Exploit the local – not all schools have national museums

Wire museums up (WiFi, hardware, software and skills) – digital technologies enable learner engagement with collections and expertise...

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