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Night Essay

  • Submitted by: kinko761
  • on June 3, 2014
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In the novel “night; Elie does not keep his faith. As you progress more and move into the story you can see that he slowly starts to lose his faith until he has no more. “Why, but why should I bless him? In every fiber, I rebelled. Because He had thousands of children burned in his pits? Because He kept six crematories working night and day, on Sundays and feast days? Because on His great night. He had created Auschwitz, Bierkenou, Buna, and so many factories of death.” This is one of the many reasons why Elie has lost his faith.
    Elie had faced many struggles in the camp, but still tried to believe In his god, and slowly lost faith in him. He also tried to help keep his father alive kept pushing him to not give up and to try and make it to the next day. But after awhile Elie started to feel guilty because he started to think how he can try to focus more on trying to keep himself alive if he haven’t had to deal with his father anymore. “I might have found something like: Free at last!...”
I can see how he could have lost his faith, but not in an act of weakness but everything he has gone through. As to see and do everything that Elie has done. As to see people and friends to get sick and/or die. To have his family get ripped apart and to never see them again. To think if he was going to make it to see tomorrow. To believe “Yes, man is stronger, greater than god.” And if I had to even go through that or anything closes to that, I too will feel the same as Elie.

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