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Non-Profit Essay

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A critically and largely overlooked area of suffering during the economic downtime is charities and non-profit organizations. Many of the organizations and corporations which they rely on for huge contributions are forced to slash their budgets or, even worse, close their companies, go bankrupt and go out of business forever. So, the question has raised how can these non-profit organizations overcome and survive through this period of time? What approaches and innovations do they use that lead them to the safe place?
      One of the examples about the non-profit organizations that are very familiar to us is the public libraries. Public libraries provide free services to every residents, it is an important part of a community. They usually get yearly budget and fund from the government and many other public resources. During a great recession, this could be a huge challenge for them. For the past couple years, libraries have already been challenging enough. Many libraries were already come up with many ways to survive during this hard period. In order to save budget, some libraries have shifted the cataloging and processing process to vendors, and replace circulation clerks by self-check scanners (Fialkoff, F. 2010). In the face of staff cut, volunteers are a new way to go for public libraries. Many libraries have offered their staff to voluntary decrease work hours to cut cost. A flex-time, job-sharing, part-time or freelance work become the new trend (Fialkoff, F. 2010). It is not only in libraries, but also in other workforce.
      With a slow recovering of the economy, it could take a long time for non-profit organization to recover from the recession. Clara Miller, CEO of the Nonprofit Finance Fund has give five recommendations for non-profit organization to “kill the pain” during a recession. The first advice is to avoid “strong, silent behavior” and sustained spending. Also, it is better for non-profit organization to engage in a contingency plan and...

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