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Nonverbal Communication Essay

  • Submitted by: AllieChildrey1
  • on February 19, 2014
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Nonverbal Communication: Buffet and Gates on Success

Nonverbal communication is communication without necessarily having to say anything. In the spring of 1990, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett gave a speech on success in the business auditorium at the University of Washington. The student were captivated by the most successful business men of their time. They said that their goal was to have computers on every desk and in every home. Little did they know 24 years later, these computers would run the world and their goal was reached. Their speech on success impacted every student in the crowd and it wasn’t just what they said. Nonverbal communication put emphasis on their success and their approachability which made for an excellent speech.
Warren and Gates walked into the auditorium shook hands and waved at the massive crowd. Breaking some of the ice they started off the speech with humor, which is an example of verbal communication. Nonverbally their smiles at the students broke the “ice”, forming a great impression with the business students. Both of them wore collared shirts from their companies making the nature of their relationship with the students casual. When Bill and Warren slouched down on the edge of the stage it really deintensified the room leaving it easy for the students to ask questions.
Faces are the biggest key to non-verbal communication. The facial feedback hypothesis states that facial expressions influence arousal. Warren and Bill smiled so big that you could tell that they really were successful because they were happy. At one particular moment, Gates was answering a question for a student. When doing so he starred at the ceiling for quite awhile fidgeting his hand. He starred at the ceiling because he didn’t know the answer to that question or had to think of a socially acceptable way of relating to that question. His fidgeting might have been because he was hiding a fault. Never the less he fulfilled the question and didn’t miss a...

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