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Norton Essay

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The author Jamaica Kincaid was born in 1949.   She was born Elaine Potter Richardson, in Antigua, West Indies.   She never knew her biological father and she were raised by her mother and her stepfather.   Jamaica Kincaid was very close with her mother being an only child, until her mother gave birth to her three brothers.   In 1965, at age seventeen, she was sent to Westchester, New York to work as an au pair.   Once she was in the states, she cut all ties with her family back in Antigua, including her mother.   Her job as an au pair, didn’t last long and shortly after it ended she won a full scholarship and went on to study photography, at Franconia College in New Hampshire.
Kincaid soon began feeling embittered and alienated, she refused to respond to her mother's letters and stop sending money home. In 1973, Elaine changed her name to Jamaica Kincaid in order to write anonymously.   Her first pieces of writing were published in Ingénue magazine.   In 1973, she was hired by a New York writer by the name, William Shawn.   Soon after she was married to William Shawn’s son, the father of her two children.   He was a college professor at Bennington College.   After college, she decided to move back to New York from New Hampshire.   Kincaid contributed many of her work to the New Yorker magazine, for almost twenty years.  
In 1996, she lost her youngest brother who died at age thirty-three from AIDS.   That same year she decided to resign from writing for the New Yorker magazine and two years later she wrote the story, “My Brother”.   Many of her autobiography were inspired by her childhood and her up-bringing.   My mother, my brother and Mr. Potter have received critical acclaim. Kincaid has face criticism for the angry tone and simple writing style in, a small place. In many ways, the identity that she has developed as a result of her English Colonial upbringing and the lack of a native culture due to colonialism. Kincaid's writing becomes an expression of her. In a small place...

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