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Notes Essay

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  • on February 20, 2014
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Taming of the Shrew Notes

Act 4 Scene 1
  * Petruchio and Kate are about to arrive at Petruchio’s country house.
  * Grumio arrives first, however he was sent to ensure that the servants prepare for Pertuchio and Kate’s arrival.
  * Cutis another servant greets him and hears the story of their journey to Padua.
  * Grumio then ordered Curtis to assemble all the other servants properly attired and on good behavior.
  * Curtis calls for them just as Petruchio and Kate arrive.
  * Petruchio becomes enraged because he claims that his servants fail to attend him properly.
  * Petruchio demands dinner, but when he is served he claims that the food is not cooked and pushes it off the table. Kate pleads with him to be more patient with the servants.
  * Petruchio says that his new bride will receive nothing but perfection.
  * Petruchio refers to Kate as a “wild falcon” that he must train to obey his call.
  * Petruchio prevents Kate from sleeping by making a fuss about the way the bed is made, just like he did with the food.

Act 4 Scene 2
  * Tranio (disguised as Lucentio) and Lucentio (disguised as school master) are still trying to win Bianca.
  * Hortensio is mad that he lost Bianca to his rival school master, and takes it upon himself to inform Lucentio that he too is out of luck.
  * Traino plays along pretending to be very angry.
  * Traino informs Bianca and Lucentio of these events after Hortensio leaves.
  * Hortensio has decided to marry a wealthy widow and go to Petruchio to learn from the “taming school.” He wants to see how Petruchio manages Kate so he can apply that to his own marriage.
  * Just as Tranio finishes the story Biondello rushes in explaining that he has just seen a man entering Padua who would make a convincing fake father for Lucentio.
  * Tranio approaches the new comer learning that he is a pedant schoolmaster from Mantua, he then comes up with a story to put the old man in his debt.
  * The dukes of...

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