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Null Hypotheses Essay

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Phase 2 Discussion Board
Colorado Technical University
Professor: David Gliddon
April 16, 2014

AGC is going through a process where changes and new development needs to be implemented in order to create and have better success for the organization within the future.   The current problem is that leadership is not on the same page and everyone has different leadership styles which can cause organizational issues within the organization.   Changing AGC organizational culture can be a tough task to take on. Organizational culture has been or was formed throughout many organizations throughout the years to help get better interaction with employees within the organization. Organizational culture leads to changing management style and how leadership is going about doing things. Organizational culture is established and reinforced when new hires have been hired. (How to Change Your Culture).
Components that change organizational culture are growth which is more likely over a period of time. Culture change leans to behavior change and aligning those cultural changes with supporting executives that must lead to changing their own behaviors.   The impact of having leadership change their behaviors will show employees how an organization should be running and how change can always be good. Different leadership styles also deals with different behaviors of leaders. Practicing better behavioral changes and communicating effectively ensures commitment and success. (How to Change Your Culture).
AGC existing problems line up with communication and leadership. Two different leaders on two different levels can lead up to problems with the organizations. All leaders should be on the same level when it comes to decisions, decision making and communicating with upper level management. Failing to acknowledge these decisions within the organization can lead to a bad impression with the company and jeopardizing business with clients.   Cultural differences can also become...

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