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Nursing Essay

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Queens University Belfast

School of Nursing and Midwifery

Nursing the Adult Patient
Module Code: 320NAS201

Assignment: Nursing Care Study

This assignment is an important element of the summative assessment of the Nursing the Adult Patient Module and will account for 80% of the aggregated marks. (The Video Presentation will account for the remaining 20%).

Planning the Care Study
The assignment will take the form of a Nursing Care Study in which you are asked to
select a patient whose care you have contributed to while on Placement 4 of Clinical
Module 2 and using the Nursing Process and a model or framework of nursing / care pathway appropriate to the placement, discuss the nursing care this patient required.
The study may relate to experience gained in a hospital or non-hospital setting.

The chosen patient must have problems related to the areas dealt with in the Nursing the Adult Patient module. (If your placement area deals with patient problems that lie outside those relevant to the module, please liaise with the Module Coordinator who will advise on appropriate action).

In line with the learning outcomes for the module, the care study will explore the assessment, planning, implementation and evaluation of your chosen patient’s care.

As this is a nursing care study, you should avoid long, detailed explanations of specific conditions / disorders. Also patient-centred problems should not be confused with medical diagnoses (though the former may arise from the latter, e.g. breathlessness due to COPD).

Please remember that in writing your care study, you are meant to be discussing the actual care provided for your patient (past tense) and not just the care that should / would normally be prescribed in a similar situation – the latter is purely theoretical!

You should gain the consent of the patient (or where appropriate, the agreement of the main carer) to undertake the care study and confidentiality must be respected. A pseudonym,...

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