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Nursing as a Profession Essay

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Nursing As a Profession
Brent Miller
Auburn University

Things That Make Nursing a Profession
Nursing can be defined as a profession in several ways. In order to be considered a profession, it must have some form of social values. Nursing roots have always been about selfless devotion to the well being of others (Zerwekh & Garneau, 2012). Nurses hone in, not only on the treatment aspect of patient care, but also on the health and wellness promotional issues that are encompassed in the nursing practice (Zerwekh & Garneau, 2012). According to the article “The future of Baccalaureate degrees of nursing”, the authors think education is the primary element of professionalism. (Lane & Kohlenberg, 2010). Zerwekh and Garneau (2012) agree that the “educational process for nursing and any other profession is critical because it transmits the knowledge base of the profession and, through research and other scholarly endeavors, advances the practice of the profession” (p. 179). Some people question nursing as profession because the nursing organizations and educational systems on all levels have yet to reach an agreement regarding the entry practice level for all registered nurses (Zerwekh & Garneau, 2012).   Although there are different educational programs for becoming a nurse, like a two-year associate degree or a four-year Bachelor of Science in nursing degree, education is education; therefore, it supports the career of nursing as profession. Additionally, a significant aspect of all professions is a moral code. The first Code of Nurses was published in the 1950s, and revisions have been made several times over the past 60 years (Zerwekh & Garneau, 2012). This code is a way of expressing the values and managing the conduct of nursing professionals in relation to their patients (Liaschenko & Peter, 2004).   Moreover, members of a profession are self-regulating and autonomous. Nursing professionals make independent decisions within their scope of practice, and they...

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