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Obama Speaks Essay

  • Submitted by: cordog
  • on February 21, 2013
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Cory Zamora
English 101
Dr. Heather Wood
January 31, 2013
President Barack Obama’s speech to the Democratic National Convention, or ‘DNC’ aired on September 6th 2012, these conventions are held every four years before an election and are meant to introduce the nominees in the election. in the speech he presents to America what has been accomplished during his 2008-2012 term, he also addreses what needs to be worked on and that its going to be a long road ahead for America. Mr Obama gives some touching examples of what ‘we’ have accomplished as a nation, he says ‘we’ because without the nation’s votes he wouldn’t be the president of the united states. The presidents speech portrays persuading topics using credits to show who or why its credible, emotions to connect to the audience and statistics to show what has been done.
Mr Obama is a very hopeful about America and his plan to move us forword. His main focus is getting America out of this hole that we are in that has been left by previouse presidents. He plans on boosting the economy even more by bringing jobs back to America and making citizens that are more in need pay less taxes to help them out and have people that make 250,000 plus dollars per year pay a higher percentage. He also persuades us by saying that he is not being elected to tell us what we wanna hear but he will tell us how it is. He says ameica has a long road of recovery left but if we choose him it will slowly but surely be fixed overtime.
The president uses ways to get to your emotions during his speech for example hes says; ‘we are offering a better path. . .where we keep investing in wind and solar and clean coal. . .and where we develop a hundred-year supply of natural gas that’s right beneath our feet….and yes, my plan will continue to reduce carbon pollution that is heating our planet. . .climate change is not a hoax. . . more droughts and floods andwildfires are not a joke. . .they are a threat to our childrens future.’ he uses...

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