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Odysesues Essay

  • Submitted by: PatrickGithu
  • on February 21, 2013
  • Category: English
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Odysseus and Ramayana: A Critical Analysis

Rama’s story begins on the onset of the coronation ceremony that was supposed to swear him in as the new king of the brahmanas. Rama would be succeeding his father as the king of the people. The story describes how everyone was happy and all arrangements made to brind to fruition everything that had been set for the big day.the setting is one of aa people that heavily bentnon their traditional beliefs and practices. [Valmiki, 18, 729] There were all sorts of parephenalia in the preparation of the ceremony. For example, we see gold pots of holy water from all the sacred rivers, most of them gathered at their very source. We also see paraphernalia like the umbrella, an elephant and a white horse, the chowries and what a few. ‘Holy water’ and ‘sacred rivers’ shows a society that is heavily bent on religion and spirituality. In contrast, this is similar to Odysseus situation. Odysseus son of Laertes seems to be a man under siege. At the beginning of the story, he explains his bitter predicaments and blames the gods as being the course of   his fate. Blaming the gods shows that he too comes from a society that is religious. [Homer IX 371]

In ramas story, we also see the issue of power and authority. After everything had been done by the brahmanas, we are told that the king had not woken up yet. The priests and the people wondored who could awaken the king. Sumantra went to the King and in a quick rejoinder the King tells Sumantra, “I ordered you to fetch Rama, and I am not asleep.
Why do you not do as you are told to do?” when the priests are also discussing on who to send to awaken the king, Sumantra says, “Under the king's orders I am going to fetch Rama.” Hear we see the power of authority and how the people in the society respect authority. [Valmiki, 18, 729] At the kings order Sumantra departs and goes to fetch Rama. In contrast, we also see power and authority in...

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  • Submitted by: PatrickGithu
  • on February 21, 2013
  • Category: English
  • Length: 1,193 words
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