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Oedipus Essay

  • Submitted by: dariadabrowski
  • on June 5, 2014
  • Category: Shakespeare
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Alice Stevens
6 February 2014
Writing Assignment
The essay that I prefer is “Chicken-Hips” by Catherine Pigott because I feel that it relates better to people on a personal level due to the fact that Catherine Pigott actually went through the experience by being in Gambia, learning about their culture and what beauty is to them; then after a year of being in Gambia she returned thicker than when she left and her family members urged her to sign up for a gym to feel “better” about herself. Today many people go through self-consciousness and think that if they go to the gym and have a slender and slim body they’ll feel good about themselves and feel happy, but happiness shouldn’t be determined by someone’s physical aspects. In Gambia, Pigott mentioned that women don’t “battle the bulge” but they embrace it because it’s a sign of prosperity that food is growing and people are able to feed their families, thinness made people sad because it was a reminder of negative things such as poverty and starvation which there is much of in African countries. In Canada, where there is an abundance of food, people usually don’t want to eat too much food because of some idea that in order to be happy and fit into society people need to be skinny. I enjoy this story better because it is a better connection to people where they can relate to the experience that Pigott had when she returned home and felt like an outcast because she wasn’t slim but had a stomach and broad hips.

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