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Of Mice and Men Essay

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  • on June 1, 2014
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Of Mice and Men Essay
Andrew Shon
Period 7

    In Of Mice and Men, George Milton and Lennie Small had an extraordinary companionship because they looked out for each other, worked together and did many other tasks together that created an inseparable bond. Although the duo had the best relationship unlike anyone else in the novel, they also had their problems and obstacles. Mainly George was the one who oversaw Lennie and maintained the friendship despite Lennie’s mild case of mental retardation, which made it difficult for Lennie to care for himself. Wherever the two men were, Lennie always got into trouble. In result, it made it hard for George to find professions because it was the Great Depression era. Towards the end of the novel, George finally decided his close relationship with Lennie was worthless by shooting him at the back of his head. Lennie had made George’s life hard for him, so he claimed that it was the right decision to make. The dream that the two dreamed dearly of was broken. George’s actions are actually quite understandable because he did not want Lennie to have a fate worse than death.   George yearned an easier life in general.
    One may agree that it was the right choice to make for George to end Lennie’s life. If he were to be kept alive, Lennie would have eventually died of sadness and pain. Not only would it be painful for Lennie, but it would be as well for George because they shared a close relationship. Because Lennie has mild mental retardation, his mind functioned like a child’s mind. Lennie performed actions that could have potentially jeopardized the both of them, although his actions were not intentional. George did not shoot Lennie because of hatred, but because of love and desire for Lennie to be happy. A quote that expressed George’s love for Lennie is, “I ain’t gonna let them hurt Lennie” (95). Even though Lennie complete deeds that infuriated and agitated George, he never let the deeds make him a horrible person to...

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