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Olivia Will Find Out! Essay

  • Submitted by: abbi111
  • on February 25, 2014
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Olivia Will Find Out!
    Do you need a good detective? Then Detective Olivia Benson is your gal! You should pick Olivia Benson because she is persistent, calm and a good actress.These are great qualities for a detective. Olivia will find out what happened to your aunt, Dr. LeBlanc. She is the perfect detective for you.
    I think you should pick Olivia because she is persistent. Once, Olivia is held captive by a crazy man for four days. She witnesses him kill a cop, and steal a car. He locks her in a trunk and she still manages to escape and lead police back to him, so he is arrested. If Olivia Benson was assigned your case she would never give up. She would find out what happened to your aunt.
    I think Olivia Benson is the right person for your case because she is calm. One time when Olivia was working on a particularly hard case, she and five others were held at gunpoint. She remained calm and got everyone out safely. Being calm is a very useful skill, Dr. LeBlanc. If Olivia ever needed to get your aunt out of a nerve-racking situation she could do so calmly.
You should pick Detective Olivia Benson Because she is a great actress. Olivia played her partners wife when they needed to disguise themselves in order to get information on a man running an illegal adoption agency. Being a good actress can be beneficial in many ways. It could help you get information or even talk people without them knowing you're a detective.
Frazier 2
I think Olivia Benson is the best detective for you because she’s persistent, calm and a great actress. Persistence can help if there is some difficulty in the case. It is always helpful to have a calm, level-headed person working with you and great acting can help in many ways. Detective Olivia Benson is the perfect, well-rounded detective you need. You should pick Olivia Benson. Think about it, do you want a scatter brained, unprofessional detective finding out what happened to your aunt, or do you want Olivia Benson, the best...

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