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On the Waterfront, Review

  • Submitted by: xdeathwishx
  • on February 23, 2013
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In the masterpiece ‘On the Waterfront’ directed by Elia Kazan, shows a wonderful story of a man standing up to a tyrannical rule. For the story of this film is all about the conscience and that is shown throughout the whole movie. And the story about the conscience is based on the past experience of Kazan himself when he had agreed to testify the former associates who were involved with the Communist Party and became a pariah in left-wing circles.
Terry Malloy, played by Brando can be considered as the avatar of Kazan in his past. Kazan’s life was a difficult one, full of many difficult decisions. One where he had made the decision to testify and this had changed his life forever. He had testified about his own priors to the Communist Party and he had also named other people that were subjected to the Communist people. Those people Kazan had listed were then subjected to blacklisting, while Kazan was able to continue working in Hollywood. Those people working with Kazan had thought that his actions were reprehensible and because of the way people had treated him, he met Budd Schulberg who had also gone a similar experience and together they made the film, ‘On the Waterfront’. With the two stories combining in to one, it allowed a powerful storyline and textured characters.
The character Terry Malloy was a man who had been torn by the decisions he had to make. His family consisted of many gangster members but his biological brother, Charlie, was in charge of the waterfront. With the gangsters adopting Terry, he felt as though he had a tremendous amount of loyalty towards them and would often ignore the many bad deeds being done by them, until it had gone too far where his adopted family had killed one of his friends. This murder was the start of many harder problems where he is pulled by the guilt of the love of his best friend’s sister Edie. He is then torn even more when he saw the conviction of the priest, who is trying to clean up the waterfront. Malloy’s...

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